Thank you!

I just wanted to take a minute on this post-Xmas Monday to thank everyone for all the cover love.

It’s kind of scary when you get something like your cover, and YOU love it, but you don’t know how anyone else is going to feel.  Are they going to love it?  Are they going to hate it?  What are the masses going to think?  The night before my birthday, this worry seriously kept me up until way late.  At the end of the day, I still love my cover, and would even if no one else did, but it was totally excellent to hear that so many people liked it, too.  The Flux art department did an absolutely amazing job – far better than I would have done with my markers, glitter and gluesticks, that’s for sure. 🙂

So thank you to everyone who left a comment, who added the book on Goodreads, or blogged about the cover.  It was definitely the most excellent birthday present I could have asked for.

And just in general, thank you to everyone whose left a comment on the blog, gotten to know me through Twitter, or watched my vlogs on the Rebels.  It’s definitely been a year to remember, and I appreciate all the good stuff that came out of 2010.

Working on a “favorite books I read this year” post, which is surprisingly hard.  Now I know why I’m not a professional book reviewer. 😉  That’ll go up later in the week, I think.  But once again, thank you all so much! I hope your holidays were excellent, and you got everything you wanted.


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