Pillsbury Done

Somehow over the course of yesterday, I formed a band with Karsten Knight, and together we titled and wrote our first (sure to be) hit single.

Here’s how it started.  One of my New Year’s resolutions (the fake kind) is to step up my game as Karsten’s personal archvillain slash nemesis.  This is a lofty position, and one that I take VERY seriously.  I have spent whole MINUTES of my life plotting against him.  And then I eat a donut and forget what I was talking about.

One of the challenges I have accepted has been the Goodreads competition.  As of right now, Karsten’s Wildefire is kicking my Witch Eyes’ booty (not to be confused with Witch Booty – the unofficial post-companion soliloquy prequel afterthought novel).  So my new purpose in life is to see that change, and see Witch Eyes victorious over dormant teenage Polynesian goddesses.

So it started off with:

Scott: my revenge will be sweet. The butter pecan of vengeance
Karsten: The creme brulee of retribution
That would be a great name for a band

And then that turned into Karsten tweeting:

@scott_tracey and I are starting a band called “The Creme Brulee of Retribution.”

So I responded with:

Our first single is going to be titled Apple Pie Girlfriend (you’re high in saturated fat and unfaithfulness). @KarstenKnight

And Karsten brought it on home with these AMAZING lyrics.  Seriously, you’d buy that song on iTunes, right?  It’s only $.99.  You can totally afford $.99.  It’s cheaper than a book!

  • @scott_tracey I like it. Potential lyrics: “You’re the flakiest crust / under the sun / You may be Pillsbury dough/ but I’m Pillsbury done.”
  • @sharpegirl @scott_tracey “Beneath the cinnamon lie/ when the nutmeg fades/ You’re just a frozen-food aisle pie/ pretending to be homemade.”
  • “Our love was only half-baked/ Now it’s crumbling apart/ So go back to the toaster/ You’re just a Pop-Tart”
These are the things I do when I’m supposed to be working.  But really, I think I’m almost ready for my American Idol audition.  Do you think J-Lo will ask my advice on her outfit?

5 thoughts on “Pillsbury Done

  1. I think you definitely have a future in pop music and longevity too, since once it fades off the charts it can be used commercially by Sara Lee

  2. You have officially distracted me from my homework. But I would soooo buy that on iTunes. I’d buy the entire album (unless it was too expensive XD).

    Good luck on kicking Karsten’s ass!

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