Wtf Wednesday Edition – How to Novel a Guy in 10 Days

So I’m slightly blocked on The Sequel (which if you’ll remember, I was planning to finish by the end of the year).  I’m at a pretty heavy part, and I just needed to step away from it for a few weeks.

But then, Monday I decided I still wanted to WRITE something.  I wanted to do something productive with my time (because despite everything, there should be more to my day than Twitter and Tumblr).  So I started working on a little project called The Dream Thief.  You may or may not have read the short story I wrote on the blog a few months ago, or the ensuing controversy when someone started a petition demanding a full length novel.

With Leah on vacation, I swore I was going to write a novel during the ten days she was gone just to mess with her head.  And now I’m actually making some progress on that front.  A story that was less than 2K is now currently 10K and rising, in just two days.

Last year, around this time, I started a project simply because I needed to throw myself into something.  I had this idea for a book, and my personal life had exploded with badness, and I just needed to lose myself in the writing.  And so I did, and I wrote a 120K word draft in six weeks.  That’s about 3K words a day, every day, for those playing at home. That book became Moonset, which is currently with my agent.

And right now, I’m averaging about 4500 words per day.  And Leah gets home in 8 days.  If I maintain this pace, that’s 45,000 words of a novel in 10 days.

Think I can do it?  Or am I biting off more than I can chew?  I mean, wtf am I thinking? 😉


7 thoughts on “Wtf Wednesday Edition – How to Novel a Guy in 10 Days

  1. Definitely possible – but definitely not easy. Especially if you hit some snags. I think you can do it though, but I’d stay as far away from distractions as I could.

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