The Bookanistas: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

I’m doing another Bookanista review!  Finally!  One of my non-resolutions was to get back into the habit of reviewing things, and so I am.  This is a resolution I can actually stick with, I think!

First off, a note.  You don’t know how emotionally difficult this review is for me.  Because whenever I write about Beth Revis, my brain automatically adds that extra e.  And then it’s staring at me.  Revise.  Revise.  You should revise.  And then I delete the E, but my brain still knows it’s there.  So then it’s Revis(-e).  Silent, but there.

And in less crazy news, let’s talk about Across the Universe.  First, the fact that Beth has taken what’s essentially Sci-Fi, and made it both completely approachable, and yet utterly fascinating at the same time, had me in awe.  I knew I was going to be hooked with this book when I read the chapters in the beginning about cryogenics.  I had NEVER thought about being frozen like that before, and the image would not stop haunting me as I read the book.

It’s interesting, because reading it, I thought Elder was the more approachable of the characters.  I don’t know if this was because he was a boy, and I’m a boy, or if it was something on the part of the storytelling, but Elder’s the one for whom the strange life aboard the Godspeed is NORMAL.  He doesn’t need things explained like the rest of us do.  Or like Amy does.

There were little details in the book that absolutely fascinated me.  I’m a sucker for world-building, and I especially love when an author can give you a throwaway line that gives you SUCH a strong sense that the world is so different than the one you know.  It’s like on Fringe, when they first introduced the alternate world, and you learn that coffee is rationed.  (Can you even IMAGINE???  I think I would die).  There’s a line about a historical figure in Across the Universe that really made me stop and ponder over.

Across the Universe also gives you a full story, one that comes full circle.  When someone asked me about it, I said that it was a little like The Hunger Games in that regard.  The Hunger Games is a trilogy, and so is Across the Universe.  But when you finish The Hunger Games, it’s a full story.  At that point, you couldn’t possibly imagine the events that were going to take place in Catching Fire and Mockingjay.  And I think Across the Universe has the same fascinating position.  I don’t already know where the series is heading (which is ironic, in a series about a spaceship), but it’s totally fascinating.

Across the Universe comes out THIS Tuesday, so you should drop whatever you’re doing, and pick it up!  And check out the other Bookanista reviews:

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6 thoughts on “The Bookanistas: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

  1. 😀 Thank you so much for featuring my book!

    And also: how hard do you think it is for ME!?!?! I *hate* revising! And it’s a part of my freaking name!!! *hulk smash*

  2. Best review I’ve read of AtU. I’m so freaking excited to read this. I want to know who Elder is, dang it. And yeah, that first chapter? Gripping. I can see why they posted it online. Totally sold me on the book, even if I hadn’t known Beth. Gah!!! When is this book going to come to MY house!!!!

  3. Thanks for the review! I saw it this morning and the book was ON THE SHELF when I walked into my local bookstore this afternoon. Can’t wait to get started!

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