Tuesday Truth: Those Moody Blues

A couple of weeks ago, oh faithful blog readers, I was struggling.  I’d woken up on the wrong side of the Publishing bed, and I just couldn’t shake the Crankies.  You know that kind of mood.  Everything you write is utter crap, everyone’s good mood is just annoying, and when your friends get good news, deep down you want to decapitate a Cabbage Patch Doll.

(Tangent, but whenever I have to say something is utter crap, in my head I picture someone like Ed Westwick, with his British accent, calling it bollocks.  Or that it’s shite.  It never fails to somehow seem BETTER that way).

So I did the responsible thing.  I unplugged from Twitter for the most part, and I channeled my energies elsewhere.  But it’s hard!  Sometimes, we’re just in bad moods.  And sometimes, bad moods happen to good people.  Many moons ago, I did a blog post that was basically all about “put on your big boy Underoos and man up” about social media.  So it’s only fitting that I walk the walk.  (Although talking about Underoos makes me want my old Spiderman feetie pajamas back).

I played video games.  I read an old series of favorites.  I played around with some short stories.  I made new playlists.  I did anything but the things that were stressing me out, and I definitely avoided Twitter.

One of my favorite vloggers one time made this comment in her video about “shaking up the Boggle of your life.”  And that’s what I think of every time one of those Cranky moods hits.  It’s okay to feel bad, and it’s okay to be annoyed for a minute.  But the trick is to shake things up, change your perspective so that you don’t keep dwelling in the negative.

Go to a movie, go have a drink.  Watch a TV show you’d never watched before.  Listen to a cd you haven’t listened to since high school.  Take a bubble bath.  Blow bubbles.  Freewrite on a totally original project. Call a writer friend on the phone – maybe purging out loud will help you out.  Ask your kids to tell you stories, instead of the other way around.  There is no one so genius at plotting as a six year old boy.  In short, do things that shake up your routine.

And if all else fails, picture a hot British boy telling you that things are Bollocks.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth: Those Moody Blues

  1. “And if all else fails, picture a hot British boy telling you that things are Bollocks.”

    That right there is gold! Love it!

    Moments like those are always annoying, which put you in a worse mood. But what can you do other than find something to unwind with? (Bash your skull against your computer desk is an option but then you have a mess to clean up.)
    Glad you got over the hump.

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