The Truth About Twitter

Here’s what Twitter is not:

  • Twitter is not your therapist.
  • Twitter does not understand when are being passive-aggressive.
  • Twitter is not a secret-keeper.  If you put it out there, Twitter will tell his friend Google.
  • Twitter is not your own personal Room of Applause. If you need affection, get a puppy.
  • Twitter is not your marketing campaign.
  • Twitter is not how you get an agent/editor/critique partner (usually).
  • Twitter does not understand sarcasm 30% of the time.
  • Twitter is not the end all and be all of social media.
  • Twitter allows you to ‘know’ people, but you don’t actually KNOW them.  They do not owe you favors, swag, reviews, critiques because they follow you.  They do not owe you a follow-back just because you follow them.
  • Twitter doesn’t recognize quantity over quality.
  • Twitter does not mandate that all @replies must get a response.  Sometimes people are busy.  Or sometimes they don’t have anything to say back.  That doesn’t mean anything.

Here’s what Twitter is:

  • Twitter is a social media tool.
  • Twitter allows you to network with likeminded individuals.
  • Twitter gives you a new way to interact with your heroes, your favorite writers/singers/producers/whatever.
  • Twitter rewards quality – more people follow you, more people talk to you when you have something to say.
  • Twitter can help you augment your other marketing efforts by spreading the word about upcoming releases.
  • Twitter can put you into contact with people/agents/editors looking for the kinds of things you write.
  • Twitter makes it easy to sever relationships.  It’s called unfollow.  A quick jump in followers won’t last if you’re not putting out decent, interesting content.
  • Twitter is 140 characters.  There is no ‘hidden 300 character meaning’ behind what someone says in 140.  What they say is what they mean.
  • Twitter is a tool.  Nothing more.

What do you guys think?  What is Twitter?  Or what is it NOT?


11 thoughts on “The Truth About Twitter

  1. I agree with this. And I DID find my critique partner on Twitter. Lucky me! Twitter’s a great tool for blogging and connecting with people. I use it a lot for many, many, many random things. It’s kind of bad how much…

    Can you add: Twitter is not your shrink? I believe it needs said sometimes as a reminder.

    This one made me laugh: “Twitter is not your own personal Room of Applause. If you need affection, get a puppy.”

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  3. I have made some great writer friends via twitter… Think this is how I found you Scott!
    Don’t forget to add “Twitter is not the notepad to write your life’s memoir on.” I get some people want to share but when they do ten tweets in a row detailing some minor event it’s okay, Call your mom and tell her, not us. I want to see stuff about writing.

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