Contest Winner and News!

First off, the real reason you’re reading this blog post: Contest Winners!

The winner of a signed copy of both The Liar Society and A Touch Mortal  is Sasha Switz whose motto was “Have character, don’t be one.” Congrats, Sasha! I’ll be emailing you privately soon. 🙂

Things have been quiet on the blog lately.  Aka, Scott’s been lazy.  Things that are new and/or interesting:

  • The official release date for WITCH EYES is September 8th! 6 months!
  • It is also available for pre-order on!
  • Designing bookmarks is hard.  I’ve been trying to work up something for the past couple of days, and I have the utmost esteem for anyone who does design work professionally.
  • I’m going to New York in May! I’ve never been! Leah’s going too!  We might take the train! I’ve never ridden on a train before!  I’m abusing exclamation points!
  • The roommates and I are moving!!! (okay, NOW I’m abusing them).   And the house we’re moving into?  Is five minutes down the road from where I USED to live.  Crazy.
  • Sequel book is turned in.  New book is back with the agent.  Which means I’m free to start back up on the book I started around the end of last year.  And it also means it’s time to start researching for a new idea.  Shiny New Idea is totally different than anything else I’ve done before, and requires massive amounts of research.  I’m excited.

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