Thoughts on Moving

One thing about moving is that you have to pack everything you own, and sometimes you find things you didn’t even know you had.

Like our kitchen, which is currently four hundred thousand odds and ends.  Three people moving in together, of course you’d have a lot of stuff, right?  Well, except that we moved into a house that already had a bunch of kitchen stuff.  So in addition to everything else we had to move, the 47 wine glasses of various shapes and sizes needed to be wrapped and packed, someone had to do something with the four different strainers (one metal, three plastic), enough Tupperware containers that we could build ourselves a plastic pyramid in the back yard, and dishes like you wouldn’t believe.

Although that has nothing on the four (and counting) ironing boards we own (note: NOT ONE of us ever uses even one of those ironing boards), or the three vacuum cleaners.  Five televisions.  Six geese-a-laying.

You get the picture.

Moving is fun.  Or something.  But at least now I have fun stories about ironing boards.  And internet.  Blessed internet.

Happy Friday!

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