Tuesday Truths About Music

I’m a huge proponent for listening to music while writing.  I’ve probably blogged about this a few times, but I figured THIS TIME I would do it with examples.  Fun, right?  When I’m drafting, I have to have lyrics, something I can tune out while I write.  For revising, I like instrumentals.  Movie scores have been FANTASTIC for this.  Lately, I’ve used the Inception OST, Tron, and definitely The Social Network.

For my first novel, the one that was trunked and then cobbled for parts for Witch Eyes, the music of choice was Within Temptation.  If you don’t know who they are, think of them as a more ethereal Evanescence.

Then there was Witch Eyes, which has a pretty eclectic mix of songs, almost all of them ended up coming from TV or movie soundtracks (almost entirely accidentally, I can assure you).  Song of choice being Unbreakable by Fireflight. (I keep trying to call them Firelight, as in the Sophie Jordan novel).  Most of the other songs on this playlist, in my head, would make great songs to use for the commercials (if the show were ever made into a movie or series).

Seriously, I think about it every time I dust off that playlist.  “Wow, that song would be great in the trailer.”  And then reality sets in, and I go clean my room.

After that came my six week novel.  The one I don’t even really remember writing, but I definitely remember throwing myself at the computer every day and wresting out lots of words.  This one was all about The Birthday Massacre, who I’d found at almost the same time. Like seriously, 75% of the playlists for this one were all TBM songs.  Love them!

And now we’re up to the present, and the current project on deck.  The one that struggles to be titled, and shall henceforth be known as Hackysack.  And I’m not entirely proud of the song selection on this one.  But at least it’s better than Katy Perry.  (Oh wait, there’s one of those on deck, too).  Lots of pop music and remixes on this one – Britney, Ke$ha, Katy, Gaga.  The Ke$ha influence is strong though, as she wrote Britney’s “Till the World Ends” and that’s on my list, too.

Don’t judge me too harshly. 😉


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths About Music

  1. Great music, even Keisha. eh hem. Very eclectic. Did you discover the Final Fantasy music playing Final Fantasy, or was that just the video attached.

    So, my truth? I almost commented that the sound wasn’t working on your videos. And then I realized that I had the sound muted on my laptop. Well then.

    • That just happened to be the first video that showed up, so that was the one I picked.

      The Ke$ha stuff isn’t that bad, but it’s definitely not the usual stuff I listen to.

      Also, I did something like that TWICE the other day. First, I couldn’t figure out why the sound wasn’t working on a video (I wasn’t wearing my headphones) and then later, I’d unplugged the headphones and forgotten, so I clicked on something and when the music played it scared me half to death. 😉

  2. No judgment here. This coming from the girl who “exercises” (I use that term loosely) to Mat Kearney, David Gray, Damien Rice and various books on tape. Lisa makes fun of me constantly. But I own it. I’m a slow music kind of gal. No Ke$ha on my list.

  3. Not gonna lie, I’m DYING to read the Ke$ha inspired book. I’m obsessed with writing something that can capture the way a song makes you feel. Love.

    One last truth for me, I ALWAYS type Ke$sha as K$sha. FAIL.

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