New Project Photobomb-tastical

So Kiersten White had the amazing idea of talking about her new WIP in the form of pictures.  So I’m totally stealing that idea, because it was amazing.  I’m currently working on this book, which I’ve taken to call HACKYSACK, because it has nine letters and because Karsten filmed a vlog with a hackysack last week (and the word has been stuck in my head).

Except for mine, I did things a little different.  I figured out things that played a role in the novel, for example words like “decisions” or “chess” (those are not real examples, btw).   And then I Google searched the term, and picked a picture from the first page of results.  Here’s the end result.

It totally makes sense, doesn’t it?  I’m afraid I gave away too much!


3 thoughts on “New Project Photobomb-tastical

  1. I love this idea, and may have to steal it. Oh and obviously your book is about a group of fashion photographer bullies haunted by the ghost of a car stealing woman from the early twentieth century.

    • Totally on the nose.

      And considering I stole it from Kiersten White (although I told her I was doing it, so I don’t think I’m cut out for a life of crime), I support this. 😉

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