Updates and things

It’s like four and a half months until Witch Eyes will be out on shelves.  That’s pretty weird, as it’s a book I started writing almost four years ago.  Actually, it’ll be exactly four years in late August/September (I can’t remember exactly when I started writing, but I know it was around there).

My super awesome friend Courtney Allison Moulton (author of Angelfire) is currently offering a fantastic deal on bookmarks design.  So if you’re in the market and need someone to design some bookmarks for you, check her out! She did mine, as well as Leah’s, and I absolutely adore them.  I don’t actually have mine yet, but I will in a couple of weeks!

I did a guest blog post on The Gay YA blog, talking about gay characters in YA and what I was going for when I wrote a gay character, and where I think things are heading.

Also, Witch Eyes was listed in the Big Children’s Books of BEA list that Publisher’s Weekly put together.  I thought that was totally cool.

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