If you were at the Lucky/Unlucky panel this weekend, you got a rare treat.  I was walking around like a crazy person going, “Omg, I have bookmarksdoyouwantbookmarksmybookmarksbringallthebookstotheshelfbookmarksbookmarksbookmarks.”

At least that’s how I think I sounded in my head.  But anyways, since my vlog this week cut most of the bookmarks off (and most of my head, too, but what can ya do?), I thought I would post what they actually LOOK like.  You can click on each of the images to see a larger view of each side.

The design and everything was done by the fab Courtney Allison Moulton, who now has a design service for bookmarks.  And they’re FAB.  So if you’re in the market, you should definitely check her out.  And if you’re going to BEA, I will probably accost you about taking some. 😉


14 thoughts on “Bookmarks!

    • The back side (with just the eyes on the green foresty place) is my favorite thing EVER. I told Courtney if we do bookmarks for book 2, she needs to keep that exactly the same.

  1. Feel free to accost me with bookmarks at BEA! I’m nearly positive that your signing is my very first stop, at my very first BEA, so I’ll probably be just as excited to see/get anything, as you’ll be to give out bookmarks and books 🙂

  2. Bwa ha ha. I ask for pictures of the bookmarks and, lo and behold, there are pictures. What else can I do with this newfound superpower?

    You were right: the closeup of the eyes is fierce. Love it! Were I going to BEA I would beg you for one.

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