Rebels Vlog – Chicago!

This week Leah and I went to Chicago – she was part of the Lucky/Unlucky author panel, and I…was there to stalk the other authors.  We had a great time, though, at least until we got home late on Saturday and I had to wait for everyone to stop being so loud that I could film.


6 thoughts on “Rebels Vlog – Chicago!

  1. Hahahahaha! Laura called you a bitch. I think I remember that, actually. And I think I remember you saying something like, “That’s so going in my vlog.”

    So glad you guys didn’t die. And that you got your ARC back. And that I got to meet you. Total fun. Love that you added that video of Erica at the end. You crack me up.

    • I think her skits were my favorite part of the evening. And the skits aren’t just for panels – she was busting out a few in the hotel lobby later on that day. 🙂

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