This Week’s Vlog

This week, I started talking about marketing (I’m not sure why) and some of the things you never think about when you’re starting out as a writer.


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Vlog

  1. I completely agree about the numbers games people play, especially in regards to contests. Whenever I see comments like “if I make it to 5 million followers, I’ll give away something EPIC” or “you must be a blog/twitter follower and like me on facebook to be eligible”… stuff like that… it makes me think less of the person holding the contest. There’s more to life than numbers. And God forbid you give something away just to be nice, selfless, generous, etc.

    I also think it’s ridiculous when people see that a person has exponentially more followers on twitter than who they follow back, and then automatically assume that person is stuck up. Or think they’re in some kind of secret twitter clique. And this finger-pointing pretty much always comes from people who are “number watchers” of their own stuff. They don’t understand how you can just be yourself and gain followers without any gimmicks.

  2. This vlog was so NOT lame! I laughed so hard. It was really awesome. There are just so few people willing to call themselves douchebags on video. Classic!

    And yes, as soon as your book comes out I’m going to give away a whole bunch of copies and make them follow you, jk!

    You say not to be like someone else but what if everyone wanted to be like you?

    I know you said you hate to vlog but they’re always really, really funny. Your comedic timing is a riot.

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