You Know You’re Spoiled When…

So the undefinable Leah Clifford is holding a BlogTV show tonight, all about the inner workings of A TOUCH MORTAL.  If you’ve never been to one of Leah’s BlogTV shows, it’s like a live version of one of her vlogs, except even more rambly and hysterical.

And every time, without fail, someone starts asking questions about ATM that Leah feels like she can’t answer, because there’s always someone in the room who hasn’t read the book yet.  Enter the Spoiled Rotten chat!  Have you read ATM and still have questions?  Are you curious about what’s in store for Eden and company in the future? Or maybe which New York cemetery is Kristen’s favorite?  Or what brand of guyliner Az wears?  Then this is the chat for you.

And best of all, do you want to win an ARC of WITCH EYES?  That’s right, Leah managed to snag herself a copy, and she’s giving it away during the show!  The kicker is that there will be a trivia question directly related to A TOUCH MORTAL – so reading the book will go a long way to winning the copy of WITCH EYES.

The spoiler chat is TONIGHT at 8 pm EST!  You should swing by and let yourself get spoiled rotten.  You’ve been good this week, you deserve it!


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