How to Prioritize

So let’s say it’s an atypical Tuesday, and you have Things To Do.

1.  You can work on that list of guest blogs and interviews that are set to come out closer to your release date, but should probably be finished soon.

2.  You can work on that guest vlog you offered to do, that’s due in a few weeks.

3.  There’s a Law & Order: SVU marathon on USA today.  ALL DAY TODAY.  That’s like 10 hours of horribly deviated killers and villains.

4.  You can read A DANCE WITH DRAGONS since you’ve been waiting on that since 2005.

5.  You can write on that new WIP you’ve been–bwahahaha, I can’t even keep a straight face on this one.

6.  You can start answering your email since you’ve been letting it go since May.

7.  You can write pointless blog posts about all the things you could be doing, instead of a blog post about the things you SHOULD be doing.

Happy Tuesday!


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