It’s Sark Week

My favorite week of the year.  The week where we all stop and talk about how fantastic Mr. Sark was on Alias.

Wait…you mean you don’t celebrate Sark Week?  You people are so weird! In case you’ve never watched Alias, it’s basically spies, government conspiracies, and a little bit of mythology and super-science thrown in for good measure.

And Mr. Sark was the second best part of it.  (The best part was, of course, Irina Derevko, but this is not the place to gush about her).

Sark is the kind of villain I kind of like and kind of loathe at the same time.  He’s the “cockroach” villain.  No matter what you do to him, and no matter how thorough you think you’re being, he will survive to threaten your lives another day.  He’s witty, and charming, and he has an accent.  He, along with many of the villains on Alias, is a chess player.  His plots are never just about the short term – there’s also something long term going on there, too.

So what can we learn from Mr. Sark?  He’s a good example of a villain who is the hero of his own story.  Sark will use anything and anyone to ensure that he survives to scheme another day.  His survival is the most important thing, and he never loses sight of that goal.  If that means turning tail and running like a chicken, well he’s going to do it.  Because it means that he’ll be around for more schemes tomorrow.

Actually, I lied.  A whole week of posts about Sark?  That’s just silly and a whole lot of work.  But enjoy the alternative to Shark Week!


4 thoughts on “It’s Sark Week

  1. Awesome post. I adore Sark. He made those shows such fun to watch. It’s good to know he has an entire week devoted to him. Forget about Shark week, :p, I’ll forever celebrate Sark week 🙂

  2. Okay, I’ll admit I’ve never watched Alias, and now I’m wondering why. It sounds like the kind of thing I may have enjoyed. I love villans like Sark, so I guess I may have to go check it out.

  3. I’m out of the loop. I had to look up what Shark Week was.

    I watched most of Alias’s episodes–I think I only missed the last season. I faintly remember Sark. It might be time to rent some DVDs to have a better recollection of him.

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