PAYA and early copies of WITCH EYES!

So if you haven’t heard, Leah and I are undertaking a road trip next week to visit the mystical, enchanted land known to the ancients as….Pennsylvania.  While there, we’re going to be stopping in to visit the adorable Tiffany Schmidt and family, and then it’s off to the PAYA book festival.

Now, what I found out just today is that not only will Leah and I be there, but so will final copies of WITCH EYES!  And in case you’re doing the math, that means you could feasibly get your copy 2 weeks before everyone else! Plus, you can see other fantastic Flux authors like Alissa Grosso, Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman among others!

So if you’re thinking about heading to the festival (and you should, because there are a ton of fantastic authors who are going to be there), you should come and check it out!

Editted to add: The blog tour surrounding Witch Eyes’ release starts on Sunday, so every Monday or so I’ll post a round-up with links to where I’ve been (or where I will be) in the last 7 days.  Super-mega-huge thanks to Teen Book Scene, especially Kari and Corinne, who’ve made it such a blast.

Also also, if you haven’t checked out the Witch Eyes Facebook page yet, you should.  I’ll be posting tidbits about the city of Belle Dam, musical selections from the soundtrack, and fun bits of randomness, like the Witch Eyes/Mean Girls mashups going on right now.

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