The Kidney Stone Epidemic

So on Saturday, I was minding my business, working on some edits for a secret project, answering questions for an interview, and generally doing the normal Saturday things.  (Oh, also vlogging, but you already saw that if you went to Amber’s blog yesterday like I suggested).

And then came the pain.  Like hunched over the desk pain.  I tried laying down (nope), tried sitting on the couch (nu-uh) and eventually found that the only place that was COMFORTABLE was to sit in my computer desk chair, and stretch myself out so that I was literally leaning half out of the left side of the chair.

And that’s where I stayed on Saturday, until the pain went away.  Sunday was perfect, no problems and life was great.

And then came Monday.

Monday, the day in which All The Things started happening, and I got so many emails that were full of Cool News and Interesting Things.

And I was hunched over my desk, only now the Secret Straining Spot no longer worked.  Nothing worked.  I took to walking around, because at least “walking around” pain was better than the sitting pain, or god forbid the laying down pain.

So instead of waiting and going later, I wound up at the hospital last night.  And several fun filled hours later (in which EVERYONE expressed shock and amusement that I’ve never once been admitted to the hospital or even really in the ER – I mean there was that one time when I jumped off the swing at it’s apex the night before 2nd grade started because I was SURE that I could fly like Superman as long as I got enough forward momentum going) they gave me drugs and told me I had a kidney stone.

So as Leah said this morning, when we found out that Amazon and Barnes and Noble were listing WITCH EYES as In Stock, “Man, when someone gets me a stone to celebrate, it’s usually diamonds.  But no, your kidneys went one step beyond!”

In other news, the drugs they gave me have apparently made me super productive, so I’m going to go back to that! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “The Kidney Stone Epidemic

  1. Sorry to hear that. My father had the same probably, but had to be operated on twice since they were to big. I remember how much pain he was in. Hope it never goes that far for you.

  2. ohman! those suck so bad! i’ve had them a couple of times.
    ever since i started drinking a glass of Simply Lemonade a day, i haven’t had any problems!
    my doc recommended taking a shot of lemon concentrate a day (because citric acid is supposed to help bust them up or something). but YUCKY!!!! blech. blech. blech.
    Simply Lemonade on the other hand is waaaaaaay better, imo. (actually i’m kinda addicted now)
    also, more water, cranberry juice, and less soda (this kills me! i love soda!)
    i hope you get it passed soon, and don’t get them ever again! ugh! yuck!
    WITCH EYES!!!!

  3. Oh man, I feel for you. I’ve been there. The pain of my kidney stone manifested last summer – the night before I graduated from college. It sucks so bad. Three nights later, I was also in the hospital on drugs. Not fun. I hope you’re feeling better.

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