Witch Eyes Blog Tour

Okay, so last week I linked you to Amber’s blog, for the epic vlog I shot with Leah about what it’s like to live with another writer.  But since then, WITCH EYES has been all over the place.

(That graphic is gorgeous isn’t it?  All part of the Teen Book Scene blog tour experience!)

Monday, August 22: Reagan at Star Shadow (my favorite books from childhood)
Tuesday, August 23: Jenny Ng at Dreaming of Books (Music Feature: Witch Eyes playlist)
Wednesday, August 24: Brodie at Eleusinian Mysteries (Character This or That List: Trey)
Thursday, August 25: Kim P at The Book Butterfly (Author Interview w/ Quotes from the book as answers)
Friday, August 26: Looksie at Looksie Lovitz: Books and Wits (a personal essay from Braden’s POV on Jersey Shore versus homework.)

This weekend, Leah and I traveled all the way to the east side of Pennsylvania for PAYA – an event to help Pennsylvania libraries.  Early copies of Witch Eyes were available, and they were seriously gone in about fifteen minutes, it was insane!  And then almost as soon as we arrived, Leah and I hightailed it back to Ohio just to be on the safe side with the weather conditions being what they were.

Hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and secure!


One thought on “Witch Eyes Blog Tour

  1. Hey, Scott! So glad you could make it out to West Chester, PA for PAYA in spite of Irene! Somehow, I missed out on meeting you, although I had a lovely chat with Leah. I was pretty much in awe that you two drove all that way! You are an inspiration! And to think I was nervous about my 45 minute drive to West Chester. *Hangs head in shame.* Best of luck on you blog tour!

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