Official WITCH EYES Release Day!

I know that the book has been trickling out there for a few weeks now, available online and in some bookstores, but TODAY is the official release!!!  WITCH EYES is OUT THERE.  Officially and stuff! How insane is that?  When I first wrote the book, in like 2007, this was obviously the goal, but some days I wondered if I would ever actually get there!

Again, if you’re going to look for a copy in stores, I suggest you call ahead first.  Some stores might not have any copies on the floor, or they might not have any on hand.  (I even had to ask my local bookstore to order copies in).  And I’d rather you not waste a trip.  But most stores are happy to order copies in, so should you be so kind… 😉

The Kindle version of the book is finally available, so if you were looking for the ebook option, there’s one more for you.  I try and compile all the Witch Eyes news into one post (so I’m not constantly posting just about one thing), so for all the latest, make sure you check out the Witch Eyes page on Facebook. 

And in honor of today, there’s all sorts of things you can do!

1.  Curious about which side of the feud you’d end up on?  Are you Team Thorpe?  Or Team Lansing? Take the ‘Which Side Am I On?’ Quiz on Facebook and find out for sure!

2.  There will be an extra special “Welcome to Belle Dam” themed chat tonight at 8pm EST.  Tell your friends!  Everyone who shows up will be eligible for some fabulous prizes, like a copy of WITCH EYES among other things!  And the aforementioned quiz will help, because you’ll be choosing whether you’re Team Lansing and Team Thorpe, so choose wisely!  Details to be announced later today!

3.  You can check out the official WITCH EYES playlist on iTunes.   It’s twelve of the songs I think best cover different aspects of the book.  (Alas, one of the songs I wanted wasn’t available on iTunes, otherwise it would have been a mystical 13!).

4.  If you loved the book, consider posting a review on one of the retailer sites.  It makes an author’s day to see good reviews getting posted.

5.  You can watch the NEW version of the book trailer.  It’s mostly the same, just updated a bit, adding in the book cover and some new pictures.  After all, the last version of the trailer was over two years old – definitely time for a facelift! 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Official WITCH EYES Release Day!

  1. Happy book birthday! Though it’s not midnight in Belle Dam just yet. Can’t wait for the chat. Am hoping to get more secrets about Demon Eyes revealed… And you have to share what that missing song is! Was it one of the ones on the playlist on the site?

    Anyway, off to take the quiz. Congratulations on your very first book birthday!

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