Bad Juju and Bookstores

I’ve been thinking a lot about bad juju the last couple of days.  One definition of bad juju is basically the idea that you can get stuck into a pattern of bad luck and misfortune that will continue on until you ‘break’ it.  And when you don’t, everything you do comes out bad or tainted.  Bad juju. Some people have rituals they perform to wipe the slate clean (on Grey’s Anatomy they drank hot chocolate or something).

This week has been crazy with the ups and downs (both online and not online), and I’m always horrible at focusing when crazy stuff is going on.  I had a laundry list of things I need to finish, and I haven’t even STARTED.  And even now, I sat down to work this morning, and I’ve got about as much concentration skills as Leah after her second pot of coffee.

So how do you break the routine?  I used to do the ‘sit with a mug of hot tea’ thing.  Veg out, embrace the day, whatever you want to call it.    I’ll break out my DS and play video games for a little while until the ADD eases up.  Breaking up the routine by going out to breakfast, or shopping, or anything like that.  Sitting outside for awhile (which I’m not doing because it’s -14 degrees outside today).

What about you?  How do you break up a bout of bad juju?

In other news:

I’ve had a few people tweet me or send me messages telling me that they can’t find Witch Eyes in stores.  It happens.  There’s limited shelf space, buyers don’t pick up a book, etc.  It happens.  But most stores will pick up at least a couple of copies if you ask.  So the next time you’re out,  if they DON’T have it, consider asking them to pick up a few copies.  I’ll be your best friend! Or if you want to help from home, call your local bookstore and ask them to carry it.

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Bad Juju and Bookstores

  1. Also, if readers go to Books A Million or Barnes & Noble and request they order it, the reps are often very friendly and more than happy to do so and hold it for the customers. And sometimes reps can also look in their database and see if another local store has it in stock.

    That’s what happened with me when I grabbed Perry Moore’s Hero.

  2. Great Post!

    Whenever I find myself in a negative head space, I’ll usually take a long walk, bust out the PS3, reread my favorite Christopher Pike novel (The Last Vampire) or watch myself some Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Basically, I try to do things that inspire me, jazz me up until I’m dying to get back to whatever WIP I’m working on.

    Also, great point about requesting that bookstores order copies of specific novels. I honestly don’t think a lot of people know that they CAN do that.

    I just ordered my copy of Witch Eyes the other day and I can’t wait to get it!

  3. I so know bad juju, it’s my next door neighbor. I find that losing a day by watching an entire season of Dexter will completely get me out of whatever loop I’m stuck in at the moment. Nothing like 10+ hours of television to change up your routine.

  4. Breaking up the routine can totally help with the AGHCANTFOCUS. I will usually go for a walk, or make myself MOVE in some way, because my waywardness usually revolves around the computer.

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