Revising and Writerly Changes

So I’m in the middle of my revision for DEMON EYES, and I’m currently struggling with an important question for this particular scene, so I thought I would blog.  (In case you were wondering, I’m trying to decide which came first, the SPOILER or the SPOILER). Because nothing says productive author like “hey, I should blog as a form of procrastination!”

It’s been interesting to go back through DEMON EYES, which was written in stops and starts, and finally finished while I was in the middle of moving.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that this draft was all about EXTREMES.  Every emotion was overstated, every argument was huge and life-altering.  Apparently the theme was “go big or go home.”  It’s good for me, because at least it’s THERE.  Now as I prune and polish, I can pull it back to lessen the drama and keep it from going too far.

I think it’s interesting how writing processes change for writers the more they get into a routine and lifestyle.  Every book I’ve written has been a completely different process than the one before.  I’ve had books that were a struggle to write (hi, HACKYSACK), and books that I spit out in six weeks.  And now we’ve got the drama of DEMON EYES to add to the fire.

Even the way I’ve been editing is different.  Normally, I write to music and revise to soundtracks.  I go through at least 2-3 different playlists when I’m drafting, and flip between the same 5-6 soundtracks for revision.  (I’m not a huge fan of the movies, but the Transformers 3 score is FANTASTIC to write to).  But now, I have 3 playlists for my revision, and they’re all songs.  And when I’ve been writing new chapters, I’ve listened to the Inception and The Social Network soundtracks. So the process has gotten reversed somewhere along the way.

Also, I’m switching my author stuff on Facebook over to an author page, which I actually promise to update more often than I do my REAL Facebook.  So if you want to add me, you can do that here.




4 thoughts on “Revising and Writerly Changes

    • Lol, trust me, you wouldn’t have liked some of the extremes. This is all for the best.

      I look at edits like going from being a painting to a sculptor. When you’re drafting, you have to make the picture appear. When you edit, you’re chipping away what’s there to find the sculpture hidden underneath.

  1. So I just finished reading Witch Eye’s like an hour ago. Loved it!!! Had to come over here to make sure there is more coming. Yay, I see that there is so when the hell is it going to be out?

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