Witch Eyes on Amazon’s Best Books of 2011

So my day started off rather normally.  An unexpected shipment of bagels arrived on our door last night, which is always a good sign.  (Translation: roommate brought lots of bagels home from work).  Increased presence of bagels in the house translates to increased productivity in Scotts during the daylight hours.

So I’m at my computer, bemoaning the fact that I have no coffee (because I forgot to turn the coffee maker on).  I couldn’t even SPELL my bemoaning tweet correctly, that’s how bad it was.

I opened up my word document, remembering that I was so tired last night I started writing a new scene in third person present (and in a really weird sort of omniscient third person, at that), instead of first person past.  It’s not like it conflicts with the other 85,000 words of the manuscript or anything.  So I set about changing everything to fit.

And then I get a tweet, asking if I’ve seen the Amazon Best of lists.  I of course go and look, see a bunch of books I love on the Teen list, and don’t think anything of it.  Then I realize they were talking about the LGBT portion of the list.  The list that WITCH EYES was on.

I may or may not have literally emailed my agent and editor with the following:

I’m pretty sure this is a mistake, right?



You can see the list over here, but apparently it’s all official and such.  WITCH EYES is listed as one of Amazon’s Best Books of 2011 in the Gay and Lesbian category.

11 thoughts on “Witch Eyes on Amazon’s Best Books of 2011

      • Yuletide is a small fandom gift exchange – being nominated means a whole bunch of people are going to be looking up Witcheyes to see what it’s about.

        In 2010, there were 2600+ stories written in 1500+ fandoms. Even if there aren’t any stories this year for Witcheyes, just the nomination is great PR.

  1. That list was the reason why I bought your book from Amazon, and I gotta say that I LOVE IT!!! I actual came to this site to beg you to write more, but I notice that you already have a deal for the next two. Congratulations and Thank you. Please keep em coming.

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