The DEMON EYES cover!

I thought about making this a long, drawn out process.  Arranging something with book bloggers, or making a game out of it, but let’s face it.  It’s a lot more fun if I’m like BOOK COVER and you’re all like AHHHH.

Can we just talk about how in love with this cover I am? Seriously.  It’s EVERYTHING.  I thought I loved the WITCH EYES cover, and now I’m like “WITCH who?”  Yeah, it’s like that.

So….what do you guys think?  Creepy, right?  I love it!

Edit: If you click on the book cover, it’ll take you to the Witch Eyes series Facebook page.  You should like it for all the latest news about Witch/Demon/Phantom Eyes. 😉

34 thoughts on “The DEMON EYES cover!

  1. Can I just say how freaking awesome that font is? The cover is phenomenal, but that FONT. THE FONT. HELLO FONT BE MY BOYFRIEND.

    I mean, what? You’re weird. I didn’t say anything. LOOK! A PONY!

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  3. Holy cheesenips, Scott – this cover BEATS it. I love it! It’s so cool! I mail ordered Witch Eyes today, so it should arrive right on my doorstep in about five days. I can’t WAIT to read it. It sounds hella awesome.


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