The Lucky 7 Game!

So I got tagged in this Lucky 7 game by the cantankerously hilarious Daniel Marks – most likely because he wants me to suffer.  A challenge I am gladly up for.  One I would throw down the gauntlet for, if my parents would have let me have gauntlets growing up.  (Can you imagine?  My mother would have gotten phone calls all the time: “Your son hit mine with that gauntlet of his again, challenging him to a duel!  You know Little Jack just got braces!”)

Anyway, the rules are simple:

Open your most recent novel or work-in-progress.
Turn to page 7 or page 77.
Count 7 lines down.
Copy (or read aloud in a vlog post) the next 7 sentences…in their entirety. No cheating or editing!!!
Then tag 7 more authors!

I actually had to shift this from Scrivener to Word to figure out where the 7th page began, and the formatting ended up a little wonky, so this might not be entirely accurate.  This is from my oft-abandoned WIP codenamed HACKYSACK:


All he wants is the reaction.

“Talk about a dream worth remembering,” he chuckles. Arc is a bit full of himself. No actually, his defining feature is that he’s full of himself. I’m not sure he can fit an actual personality in there, with his ego taking up all the room. Then again, he’s an incubus, so maybe all that arrogance is hard-wired. It’s hard to be humble when you’re a one-man panty-dropper.


And now, because I’m evil, I must tag others and make them suffer the way that I suffer!

Tiffany Schmidt
Emily Hainsworth
Leah Clifford
Kathleen Peacock
Kiersten White
Courtney Allison Moulton
Mr. Karsten Knight

Also, let’s just pretend I haven’t basically let this blog suffer over the last few months.  I’ll try to be more entertaining in the future, I swear. Or at least I’ll be better at pretending I haven’t been ignoring you all. 🙂

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