“They were a coven of such promise. Until they turned to the darkness. Their acts of terrorism fueled by dark magic nearly destroyed us. But we fought back. And we won.” -Illana Bryer

The first book in the Legacy of Moonset series to be released Spring of 2013!

Every witch remembers them.

Twenty years ago, the Moonset Coven waged a devastating war on the magical world, founded a cult that persists to this day, and destroyed nearly a thousand years of magical history. But just as they were poised for victory, the coven mysteriously surrendered, turned over their five infant children, and walked regally and unrepentant to their deaths.

Their children are five permanent reminders, though, and they aren’t exactly low-key. For Justin, being the middle child means deflecting fights and spells, trying to keep his siblings from getting kicked out of school, and being the voice of reason amidst five very different personalities.

Relocated to New York, he must balance his obligations against a blossoming connection to an enigmatic girl named Ash, who knows more than she says. There is a new warlock on the scene, and the Moonset kids are being dangled like bait before him. The adults can’t decide if they should be protected or sacrificed, but Justin knows the truth: they can only rely on themselves.

As they struggle against the destructive legacy left behind by their parents, as well as resisting their own capacity for darkness, Justin and the others must answer all the questions left behind by Moonset, or risk becoming their final victims.

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