Calling All Witch Eyes Fans!

Okay, I’m shamelessly piggy backing off of other posts, but in the event that you HAVEN’T seen one of the other ones around, here’s the skinny.

WITCH EYES is nominated for Best LGBT debut in the Best of 2011 Debuts (Hint: you can vote here).  And in one of their many bids to get extra content, Rachel from Fiktshun and Erica from the The Book Cellar, kept pestering me for more spoilers and things from book 2. So what I ended up agreeing to, after AGES of nudging, was that if Witch Eyes wins in its category, then I’ll write up some kind of short snippet featuring some of the characters, or a blog post).

So think about it.  Ever wanted to see:

  • one of John and Lucien’s secret phone conversations
  • Lucien and Jason scheming
  • the event that caused Drew to flee Belle Dam
  • the time that Trey tried to kill Drew
  • sibling rivalry between Trey and Jade
  • Riley in full on investigation mode
  • Lucien’s last conversation with Grace
  • Catherine and Jason in high school
  • Catherine and Jason now
  • throw me a random pairing, like Jason/Drew or Lucien/Gregory. Like Tim Gunn says, I’ll make it work
  • one of the many, many attempted murders that have gone on before

Or you can suggest I write a blog post.  That works too. 😉 Or maybe we can do some sort of spoiler chat, that’s also an option.

Either way! Don’t post your ideas here; head on over to either Fiktshun’s blog, or The Book Cellar’s, and post on their entries!  And also let them know that you vote.