I sense disturbances in the Force

Some fun things I get to announce.

  • First and foremost, I’ve accepted representation from Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown.  I’m so, so excited.  I queried Ginger with my new project, MOONSET, which was pretty scary at the time.  Even if you’ve had an agent before, it’s just as hard and stressful to go through the stages of  querying again.  But I know I’m in good hands, and so excited to get to work with her.
  • WITCH EYES has been added almost 500 times on Goodreads.  Probably by the time most people read this, it WILL be over 500.  That’s weird to me, because I think of my book as this nice little niche book. 😉
  • I’m almost finished with the sequel to WITCH EYES, which has gone back to the original title of DEMON EYES.  I’m writing the finale right now, and I have so much love for this book it’s not even funny.  I’m not someone who shares scenes or snippits with other writers while I’m still writing, but I cannot stop talking about some of the dark and creepy moments in the second book.
  • I’ll get to share my cover for WITCH EYES (which, if it’s anything like the cover comp I saw a month ago, is going to be AMAZING), probably sometime after the first of the year.  The cover is hands down exactly what I would have wanted had I designed my own cover (except way better, because as we know, my way involves crayons…).

I have been a slacking little blogger in the last few weeks.  But I’m going to change that after the first of the year.  So I’ll be back and blogging more regularly then.  In the meantime, I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Mourning Mondays

“Ask me why I mourn.”
“Why do you mourn, baby?”
“I mourn because you are shrouded in the suit and tie that Madison Avenue will bury you in alive.”

–Down With Love (only one of the greatest movies of the last ten years)

Every time I use the word mourn, I think of that quote.  But the way I figure it, there’s lots of reasons to be mournful on Mondays.  Your weekend is over, and it’s back to the daily grind.  You’ve got an entire WEEK until the next episode of True Blood.  Publishing is back to business as usual, but you tell yourself that it’s summertime, and not hearing anything is normal.

So I figured a few things would cheer me up, and I’d share them with you:

1) I got my new desktop over the weekend, and it’s just as fab as I hoped it would be.  This is actually the first time I’ve ever owned a brand new computer, so it’s a big step.  Now I just need to get a brand new monitor to go with it…

2) I finished up a blog post for Wednesday that I’m particularly proud of.  Sometime late last year, I wrote a post on How to Create your own Fake Town.  I figured I’d do a series of posts over the next few weeks, elaborating on what I started with all those months ago.  AND I’ve finished reading the ARC for my Bookanistas post on Thursday – all that’s left is to write the review!

3) Now that I’ve got my computer issues fixed, it’s back to writing the sequel to WITCH EYES.  For a few weeks I’ve been in an interesting holding pattern – for every thousand words I’d write, I cut a thousand words elsewhere.  But I’m actually starting to make progress again, and that’s a good thing.

4).  Damon Salvatore.  You’re welcome!

So what about you?  What cheers you up on one of these Mournful Mondays?

End of the Year Thoughts

It has been…a year.  Its totally cliche to say this has been a year of highs and lows, but it seriously has.  It’s been a year of reflection for me – realizing that what doesn’t kill me really DOES make me stronger.  And that things happen for a reason.  Its been a big year for balance for me – there were bad and good things that have happened, but all in all the good and the bad have equaled out.

Hmm.  I wonder how many cliched sayings I can fit into one blog post.

Without going into details, this was a year that my professional life took another step forward — my fantastic agent sold my first two novels — while my personal life kinda cracked apart.  I spent a good portion of the year writing, then rewriting, then rewriting some more, a novel that still needs some room to breathe before its considered ‘done.’  I wrote a good chunk of the intro to my contracted book two, and then set that aside while I was waiting for the book to sell.  And then just recently I picked up a new idea just to wriet “something” and found a whole lot of voice that I wasn’t expecting.

Truth be told, my life is nowhere near where I thought it would be at this time last year.  This time last year, I was still adjusting to living by myself again, struggling with the day job, fingers crossed about my novel, etc etc etc.  I lost some friends, and gained a whole lot of new ones.  Now my novels are sold, the day job is no more, and I’ve spent most of the last month getting closer to my family.

I did some goals for last year and posted them on my blog, but the only one I really managed to accomplish (I think) was to quit smoking.  Which I did back in March.

Total words written in 2009:  About 150K.

Total finished projects: *sigh*  0

New friends made: tons.

And then my writing goals for 2010:

  • Complete edits on WITCH EYES for editor Brian.
  • Finish draft of SPIRIT GAMES and send to agent.
  • Outline sequel to SPIRIT GAMES that’s already mostly written.
  • Send 50 page sample of MOONSET (current plaything) to agent.
  • Finish writing MOONSET.
  • Once edits are done, finish writing sequel to WITCH EYES.

So my goals for 2010 are basically to finish writing 3 books, all in various stages of completion.  I’m thinking I might do a monthly check-in or something, just to see how far I’ve gotten over the course of the year.

Right now at the end of the year, we’re looking at:


10615 / 80000 words. 13% done!

SPIRIT GAMES: (needs a new intro, and a new climax and ending)

59765 / 70000 words. 85% done!


22097 / 90000 words. 25% done!

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

God likes to laugh at me.

I swear, somedays I feel like that. Leah and I have this theory: anytime something good happens to one of us, the scales balance themselves by something bad happening to the other. It’s just worked out like that thus far.

So while Leah was signing with her amazing agent (congrats!), I was busy dealing with a visit from a Vice-President at work (always a big deal), and trying to figure out why my computer decided to bite the big one. Taking with it almost everything (except for a few paragraphs I’d saved on Google Chat) that I’ve written over the last two years.

Including my WIP.

So yeah, it was a rough one. Somehow, I’m not sure what I did exactly, I managed to SAVE all those files, and my work.

I was okay with losing the work, in the grand scheme of things, because at least I had a fully formed idea of where things were going. And how everything was fitting together. So while it would have sucked

Maybe All Will See

First off, my ex-roomie is made of awesomeness. Just putting that out there. Since people are already aware. She’s had a pretty rough week, and I don’t envy her. 😉

Work’s been good. Busy, but good. This week coming up’s going to be fun. Over the next nine days, I work three days, I’m off one day, work three days, off two days. Kindof awesome.

So I’m thinking a few more days, and this Part 1 nonsense will be behind me. Written, at least. Still needs quite a bit of editing to get all the pieces to work together. I’ve got all my relevant scenes written down on Post Its, hung up on the wall of my office, and I’ve been staring at them every so often.

Writing this book is very comforting, because I know all the characters already. But at the same time it’s still surprising, because they’re growing and changing. And you can see that. And I’m loving the developments that are coming from the Big Scene I’ve been bouncing around on.

See, I haven’t actually written the scene in order. And I normally don’t do that. I don’t skip around. But specific encounters are coming up, and it’s distracting me with new shinies. So I go where I need to go. And some of the stuff that’s come up has made me giddy. It’s kindof sad.

No Need For Words

Okay, so I just got done watching the inauguration address.  And I’m just so impressed.  Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last year every time I had to hear the President speak.  Plus, the speech was amazing.  Obama really can talk.  It’s always fascinating to listen to him.

Work on the sequel continues.  I’m at a point where I need to go back, now that our little contest is over, and flesh out a couple scenes.  I’ve already got my major scenes blocked out and hung up on post-its on the wall for editing time.  I know the beginning’s going to go through some serious overhaul.  All the pieces are there, they’re just not in the correct order.

My personal goal for the weekend was 6,000 words.  And I actually hit 5700 amidst a pretty chaotic weekend.  Normally?  That’s not a problem for me.  I used to average 3,000 word days easily when I was writing the first book.  But I let myself get out of practice.  So I’m just focusing on the words, and getting the scenes out there.  I figure I can go back and do a heavy revision the first time around and eliminate most of the suck.

Saturday was a bit of recovery, since I had a party to go to on Friday night.  And Sunday I had to go and watch the store for 3 hours, I took a 2 hour brain break to watch The Village (so underrated!) and I wound up sleeping in until almost 11.  We’re talking about doing the word war again next week, but I really need to check my schedule and see if I’m really off the days I think I am.  I might have to pick up some shifts just for the money, so if I can do that earlier in the week that would be great.

And the return of the word counter!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,751 / 90,000

Just Dance

Okay, so I’m super hopped up on coffee, and just a little over the top.  But the contest is over.  I almost reached my own personal goal (that I amended last night around 7 pm) by close enough that I consider it still a victory.  You’ll have to watch my blog and tlcadence ‘s to see who has to write that blog post hilighting how awesome the other person is, though.

And wow.  This book got dark.  I know it’s not going to last long, because I know where things are heading in the next little bit.  But damn.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Braden.  

And it’s funny.  Because I know where things are going in the long run.  Like end of this book, into the last book.  But even still, I wasn’t really thinking about that like "Hey, I need to put all this groundwork in so the end result makes sense."  But it’s all there.  And it fits.  Even reading back what I’ve been writing, I can see how Braden gets to the point he gets to.  And why it happens.  

And on top of the book progress, for which I’m extremely happy, I’ve got something else in the works.  Something I’m extremely excited about. 

So for those of you who are writing, how’s it going?  Making progress?  Stuck somewhere?