New Book Deal!

So that news I was talking about finally went up late last night. 🙂

Moonset will tentatively be released Spring of 2013, so it’s not a horrific wait, either! 😉

This is  a special book to me, because its one of those books that sprung up from literally one line of dialogue (though that line is sadly not in the book any more).  Concept, setting, plot, all of it came out of one line of dialogue, just fully formed.  I wrote the first draft like a crazy person, pretty much pulling a Kiersten White (though it took me 6 weeks, not 1). 😉

Unlike the world of Witch Eyes, in Moonset, witches are far more plentiful, though just as secretive.  Witches are divided into Covens (the magical upper class) and the Solitaries (the lower/middle class), and the Moonset kids are stuck in the middle. You can find out more by clicking on the Moonset tab above.

And because inevitably someone will ask me, there IS a gay character in Moonset, but he’s not the main character.

Major thanks to Mr. Karsten Knight, who helped me turn the pitch from drab to fab.

I’m super excited to keep working with Flux, and my editor Brian, and definitely couldn’t have done ANY of this without rock star agent Ginger Clark!  Seriously, you guys, she’s amazing.

And don’t worry, this news doesn’t mean that the wait for Demon Eyes/Phantom Eyes will be any longer than normal. The Moonset series will be coming out in between those books.

I Know Exactly What You’re Thinking

The bright side to writing your blog posts well in advance is that you don’t have to think about blogging for days and days.  And then you have something you want to say, and you forget what it’s like to actually WRITE a blog post all in one sitting.  That would be today.

So what’s been going on in my life this week?

I’ve been tackling things on my To Do list all week, and I’ve gotten down to what I think are the last 4 “main” items that need taken care of soon.  Two of which are relating to my edits and deadline things (which isn’t until July, but really I’m almost done anyway).  One’s not really a MAJOR thing that needs done, just something I want to check off so that I’m not always thinking “gee, I really need to get that done so I stop thinking about it.”  Yes, in my internal monologues, I use the word “gee.”  I also use “humdinger” “nifty” and “boss.”  As in “this book is really boss.”

My internal monologue is clearly written by a seventy year old man.

I cannot stop sneezing.  I’ve been sneezing for two days.  I think it’s safe to say I’m either allergic to author questionnaires, or the finale of book 1 (which I’ve been tweaking a little).

I finally – FINALLY – finished editing my video for Villains week on the Rebels.  That’ll go up sometime tomorrow, and I’ll post something with a link in it tomorrow.  I spent far, far, far too much time working on this video.  Now I’m just thankful that I’m done with it. 🙂

Supernatural and Vampire Diaries ended last night.  I’m way more depressed that TVD is done, though, since I think in terms of overall seasons, TVD had a WAY stronger season overall.  Supernatural this year was so hit or miss that it really bums me out.  The last two seasons of Supernatural had finales that had me buzzing for days afterword.  This one was simply…okay.  Plus, Vampire Diaries had a MUCH cooler final twist.

I got the final, signed, totally final version of my contract back yesterday.  That was so awesome.  Not only does it have MY signature, but it’s also signed by the President of Llewellyn, which is the bigger company that Flux is a part of.

And finally, a snippet of a scene from a book that I haven’t really started writing yet (okay, there’s a first chapter, but it’s still a little fragmented).  But this stretch of conversation popped into my head this morning, so I HAD to drop everything and write it down.  You know how it is.

“Looks like you need some help,” he said, flashing me his Wheaties smile and twirling the stick in his hand.   “But let me take care of our friends here, first.”

The zombies continue to advance.  Up close, I realize they all look identical.  Really old, really desiccated.  They could have been triplets.  Except no one had ever heard of triplet zombies.

It took me a minute to recognize the weapon he was swinging around so confidently.  “A hockey stick,” I ask, aghast.  “You’re going to fight them off with a hockey stick?  Are they Canadian zombies?”

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Edit Letter!

I got my first official edit letter for WITCH EYES yesterday.  Everyone please make note of the enthusiasm and optimism so that in a month you can all point and laugh and say “remember when you thought everything was perfect?”  Its really interesting to actually SEE someone break down my book into all its little pieces, and point out a few things that even I hadn’t noticed before (or if I noticed them, then I forgot it later on).

The best thing was that there was a comment in the marked up version of the manuscript that said “This is my favorite line in the whole book.”

And I…uhm…don’t even remember writing it.  It never once stood out to me in the entire process, never once thought about it as more than just a passing line. In any event, I have been very happily working all morning, and I’m about to get back to that, but I wanted to put it in writing that I am currently super excited, jazzed, and can’t wait to polish this book up to its best.

Anyway, in honor of edits I give you two of the very best Edit Letter videos on Youtube.  One by the hysterical Lara Zielin, and the other by our very own Leah Clifford from the YA Rebels.  Watch them both, they’re both fantastic!

Contracts, Finished WIPs and More!

This week has been a week of….events.

We found out Saturday morning that our family dog had a very serious tumor, and if it was worse than they imagined then they were going to have to put her to sleep.  Which they ended up doing, because the cancer was just too severe, and she would have only been in pain.  Having had this dog since I was a teenager, it was a blow to say the least.  (Note – the super happy rest of this post was written earlier in the week, so don’t think I’m being completely flippant or anything).

I got my contract!  You can see a glimpse of it in my YA Rebels video, which can be seen down below!

I have FINALLY finished the first draft of MOONSET!   I absolutely LOVE the ending.  It makes me giddy.

Speaking of WITCH EYES, (wait, I wasn’t?  #seguefail) I should be expecting my first editorial letter from Editor Brian sometime in the near future.   It was SUCH an exciting feeling to get the contract and have it be REAL, that’s for sure.  I’m SO ready to delve back into Braden’s world, and see how my writing holds up after a few years away. 😉  Plus, I’ve got a good chunk of the WITCH EYES sequel written, so once I know how the first book is going to turn out, I’ll be able to jump back into THAT.  Busy busy!

EDIT:  Err, video will be up soon apparently. :*(

An Exciting Announcement!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that WITCH EYES and a sequel are going to be published by Flux starting in the summer of 2011!

First of all, I could NOT have done this without my incredible agent, Colleen Lindsay.   She’s kinda like that big sister I never had, who ADORES teasing me and doing the phone/email equivalent of mussing up my hair.  But she’s believed in Braden’s story since the beginning, and has been so great along the way.  I mean, this is a woman who told me that when she was reading the full, she shouted at the manuscript while out in public when the characters were riiiight on the cusp of doing something.  C’mon, how could you NOT enjoy that?

And I’m so thrilled to be working with Brian Farrey at Flux.  Even when he was sick, he was still incredibly funny and insightful when I talked to him.  Plus, when I asked him his preferred way of communicating with his authors?  OUIJA BOARDS.  Is that not the most awesome answer ever?

WITCH EYES was the book that, while I was writing it, I knew it was The One.  So I’m so incredibly thankful and happy to have found that I’m not the only one who thinks its good!

So thank you to everyone over the years for all the kind words and support!!!!