Birthright – A Witch Eyes Short Story

So, awhile back, when Witch Eyes was nominated for the 2011 Debuts awards, I said that if it won, I’d write a short story and gave you guys the options to suggest what you wanted to see.  Now, along with all this craziness, there were edits and drafts, and all kinds of real life stuff.  But! I did not forget that I owed you all a story.  So here it is, as a thank you to you all.

The prompt I selected was something that struck me the moment I read it.  I knew it was  different story than what the request had in mind, but I also knew that it was right. So here it is, all about how a teenage Catherine Lansing fell in love, and what that meant for Jason Thorpe and Belle Dam itself.


Love and death had always been entwined in my life.

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